Can You Guess the University?

Suellen Wheless Estes
5 min readMar 23
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The original motto was…

Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae (Truth for Christ and the Church}

It’s a famous university motto. Do you know which one? It’s been modified in recent years, but originally this was it!

If you said Harvard University, you would be right. It might seem shocking, but it’s true. Truth for Christ and the Church!

After the Pilgrims from England established their lives at Plymouth, they began to thrive. One of their major goals was that their young men would grow in wisdom concerning God’s Word.

There needed to be people raised up to be ministers to teach the Word of God with boldness.

One man who had this desire was John Harvard. He was a passionate preacher and wanted a college to be started to raise up other ministers. Thus he donated his books — and all of the money he had for that purpose.

In 1636, the Puritans started a college, and named it for this minister. Harvard University. With the motto: Truth for Christ and the Church.

Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

During the early years of that university, many ministers were educated. It was truly a noble place.

The last few decades have seen a turning away from that foundation. If you ask about the motto, many will just say Truth, but look closely at the original seal. For a couple of centuries, the rest was there: For Christ and the Church.

And, interestingly, when you visit Emerson Hall, where many atheistic professors of philosophy toss out their ideas, there’s something to notice.

Carved in stone you will see:

Psalm 8:4 What Is Man That Though Are Mindful of Him?

Or, in another hall, you will see carved: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom

It’s hard to un-carve the stone!

As time moved on, by the late 1600’s, a group of ministers thought Harvard was becoming too liberal. Sometimes trying to deny authenticity of scriptures.

So these ministers started…

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