Rise Up Above the Crowd

Photo by Mickey Estes, with Permission

For the first time in the history of mankind, someone (you, for instance), can reach most of the entire world right from the privacy of their home.

When you stop and think about it, that is an amazing fact!

The world at our fingertips!

The pioneers who recognized this early are now some of the richest people in the world. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerburg, to name a few.

But here’s the thing.

I believe that our God, the Creator of the universe, was behind the inventions leading to our current technology. And He planned it for this particular time in history so that the Gospel and the Christian messages of His love, mercy, and grace could extend to the world.

I also believe that our Christian influence in our sphere could change the world around us.

Our technology not only can be released from the privacy of our homes, but also it can extend to the privacy of the receiver’s home. Person to person. Avoiding the clamor of political extremes or unfavorable public policy.

A number of Biblical scholars have noted that Jesus came at the perfect time in history. The Middle East and Europe were at peace because the Roman Empire had extended throughout the region. Roads were advanced for the time, and the seas were relatively safe to travel.

Thus the early apostles were able to take the new message of God’s grace to more territories than ever before.

Now here we are at another special time.

Many prophets are hearing about a great awakening on the horizon. They are talking about an awakening which will dwarf any revivals or awakenings we have seen in the past. It will extend to all regions of the world and it will transform cities and even countries.

This time, we get to be a part of it!!

So what is our part?

Let me backtrack to 2012. I had published my first book the year before, and was told by some smart marketers that I needed to get a website for it. So I did. I also began to learn about how to market online.

As I ventured into this new territory, I saw some things which disturbed me. I realized that there were so many voices out there, but that the true Christian voice was seldom heard. Many religions and non-religions were represented in volume. But not Christianity.

At that time, I felt a nudge from the Lord. It’s time for “all hands on deck.” It’s time for God’s people to rise up and make themselves heard like never before.

So I went to work.

As in most things we do, the first attempts were not quite on target, so I continued to retarget until I felt satisfied that I was doing what God wanted. Now I have a website which aims at helping others get their message heard.

There are many different voices and many different messages. God has a special way of taking all that we have encountered in life, and honing that experience into an answer for someone else.

Giving them encouragement. Increased vision. Hope for a better tomorrow.

As I have grown in my vision for the network, I have realized that God wants all areas of influence to be included. The Seven Mountains of Influence (sometimes called the Seven Molders of Culture), are all significant in bringing transformation to our society.

Are you a writer, blogger, podcaster, or videographer with a Christian message? Your voice is important.

Are you a Christian business person? The world needs to hear from you.

Are you a Christian teacher? Homeschooler? Financial advisor? Actor? Congressman?

If you are a Christian, all of these areas of influence are significant. Your special influence in any of these areas is important to our impact on our world.

Let’s be present. Let’s be visible.

Let’s make a difference in our communities.

Let’s make a difference in the World!!



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